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NYPD officer pictured ‘putting seven-months pregnant woman into a chokehold for illegally grilling outside her apartment’

An advocacy group has released images which claim to show an NYPD officer putting a seven-months pregnant woman into a chokehold for illegally grilling on the sidewalk in front of her apartment. 
NYPD officers have been banned from using the chokehold since 1993, but an officer can be seen in the pictures wrapping his arm around 27-year-old Rosan Miller’s neck in the Saturday incident. 
Her young daughter is also in the pictures, watching the arrest unfold.

Illegally grilling on the sidewalk! What a hardened, dangerous criminal! And I bet that little girl now has a very solid grasp on who she can trust and what’s ok to do to women and/or people who are physically weaker than you!

NYC is so extra. I don’t understand how anyone from up top can complain about anything down south when y’all have to put up with this shit daily. I am so fearful of being black while having to exist in NY.

you wake up, thotting
post up, thotting
ridin’ round in that, thotting
flossin’ on that, thotting

there’s got to be a rich nigga out there that wants to take care of me


in grade 8 french we were talking about napoleon bonaparte and this guy bought up the letter that napoleon wrote to his wife where he was like “i’ll be home soon, don’t wash” basically saying like he wanted to have sex with her unbathed or whatever and i was like “oh ew french people are so horny” and this girl tapped my shoulder and was like “excuse dad is french, are you trying to say he’s horny??” and that’s when i truly knew white people are crazy

It’s never too early to be a thot

I just want to cuddle with a thick dude’s thighs, like is that too much to ask for???

damn, he thicc


Marcus Watson of England

Anonymous asked:
I'm hoping this new black guy at least makes it through this season because there's honestly no guarantee.

It’s amazing that this is what we’re both looking forward to

this fandom is so blatantly racist. Crucifying the moc for their mediocre white faves.